the FRESH TEA SHOP - Company history

Founded in June 2011 in Saarbrücken, Germany by two tea-crazy enthusiasts the FRESH TEA SHOP has become the internationally leading provider of creative tea specialties.

Meanwhile you can enjoy the FRESH TEA SHOP in seven locations, in three countries, on two continents and we constantly add new locations, countries and even continents.



Timeline from foundation until now: 

June 2011

The foundation

Foundation of 'the FRESH TEA SHOP'. A new brand arises with the target to bring tasty, healthy asian teas of all kinds to the monochrome german beverage market.
June 2011

Shop Saarbrücken

Grand Opening of the flagship store in Saarbrücken. Located in the Diskonto-Passage below the main shopping street in Saarbrücken, the FRESH TEA SHOP rents its first shop area. Bahnhofstrasse 31, 66111 Saarbrücken, Germany
Mai 2012

Shop Kaiserslautern

Grand opening of the shop in Kaiserslautern. Located in the Marktstraße, just a few meters from the Mall and the main bus station.
Juni 2012

Shop Heidelberg

Grand opening of the shop in Heidelberg. Located in the Därmstädter Hof Centrum, downtown.
Mai 2013

Shop Ludwigsburg

Grand opening of the shop at the main train station in Ludwigsburg.
August 2013

Shop Kiew

Grand opening of the shop at the Ocean Plaza Mall in Kiew.
Dezember 2013

Shop Dresden

Grand opening of the shop in the Centrum Galerie in Dresden.
Juni 2014

Shop Newmarket

Grand opening of the shop on main street in Newmarket, Toronto.